"The Dark Circus" aka "Lilith's Minions"

From: gracehappens1029@yahoo.com   (Sat Oct 23 12:37:22 2004)
your picture reminds me of my life in hell for so many years , with it's constence endourence due to my view on life and physical attributes to keep my Hell a float,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i am looking at your Art work a part of me in my minds eye that you from somewhere far away has been gifted to express on paper ,,, i believe this is the next piece of art work i am going to get on my body . i hope you would write me back if you have any objections , is there any legal reason i could not i don't think so .. take care , Grace

From: flatroncosta   (Sun Apr 17 14:04:50 2005)

From: jj1latisha@hotmail.com   (Tue Oct 4 09:29:35 2005)
the first time i saw this was when i was 10 it was the first time i really saw the dark part of me and it helped me be the person i am today thank you so much
latisha age 16

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